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National Land Titling Programme

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Land Security for All Zambians

This is a Project. Click here to add a description.

This is a Project. Click here to add a description.

This is a Project. Click here to add a description.

This is a Project. Click here to add a description.


Medici Land Governance (MLG) provides user-friendly, low-cost land titling and administration systems. Our team is comprised of leaders with deep experience in building and delivering quality, resilient technology products and services.

As a public benefit corporation, MLG promotes economic development and full financial inclusion by helping individuals establish formal ownership of their homes and land.

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Cynthia Phiri

Property Owner Review

"I am happy that I was able to be part of this program. Having a title gives me assurance that the place is mine and that my children can inherit it. It is something that I am proud of as it gives me and my children security. No one can come and claim the house or even encroach on my boundaries. This gives me motivation to even develop my land.”

Mr. Kamanga, Wife and Daughter

Property Owner Review

"For over 8 years, I have lived on this land like a squatter without any legal document but today I am a proud landowner having received my certificate of title... Along the way, I lost a lot of money by giving different organizations that claimed to be able to facilitate the acquisition of a certificate of title"

Cecelia Kangwa

Property Owner Review

"As women, mostly we feel oppressed by men, which hinders us from even suggesting developmental ideas in most homes and community gathering. Luckily in our home, we make decisions together with my husband. At times we do not agree on one thing, but at least I contribute to most decisions we make."


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Technology today is capable of integrating all aspects of land management for governing bodies. MLG supports government in developing a system that will collect, value, report and predict, and secure current and upcoming land administration projects. While assisting those that need it the most, the land administration supports its people and communities in gaining secure titles which in turn supports the government in making decisions that matter for the growth of the land economy.

Image by Jonathan Velasquez

Learn about the Programme

Listen to the Hot FM’s radio interview with Medici’s CEO Dr. Ali El Husseini to educated yourselves on why this project is so important for you, your family, and the country, and learn about how you can get your Title Deed in this programme.

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As of July 2023



As of July 2023

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