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Why are some sections in demarcation areas left out in the titling process?

The main reasons attributed to the omitted sections are: existing ministry titles, way leaves, environmentally protected areas and land where government facilities and installations are sitting.

What is the difference between a council title and a ministry one?

Council titles are as valid as the Ministry of Lands titles. However, in some cases council titles are not accepted by lending institutions as they prefer the Ministry of Lands titles.  The Ministry of Lands has embarked on the complete harmonization of titles and wants all land titles to be under one land register to avoid double allocation and duplications.

What happens to people who started making payments towards their ministry titles before the SLT programme?

They can choose to continue with the same process they started or take advantage of this current systematic one because it is faster. If a client decides to take the systematic way, they would have to make sure that the sporadic process is discontinued by surrendering the offer letter and informing the ministry in order to avoid duplication.

Do we still continue paying council rates after getting ministry of lands titles?

Yes, landowners have to continue paying property rates to the council for their properties.

We just paid in full for council titles, do we have to pay again for ministry of lands titles?

Since the titling programme is run by the Ministry, and if a land-owner opts to obtain the Ministry of Lands title, they must pay for the process to the Ministry for them to obtain the title. The Ministry seeks to consolidate all land documentation in one organized national land registry system for uniformity and proper land management.

When will farm blocks be captured?

It will be communicated. For now a specific date is not known.

When will the ones who were not captured in areas now getting offer letters be attended to?

Any time soon, we will communicate to everyone through the MLG communication team

How do payments work in receiving my title?

Once the offer letter is issued, you have 3 years to convert your offer letter to official Title Deed. In order to convert, a full payment must be made. *Down payments are no longer accepted to receive Title.

Why are you not covering established high cost areas such as Nkana East,  Riverside and Ibex?

Those areas are mostly planned and a good number of them opt for the sporadic route through which they  have managed to secure their titles. 

Will there be a discount for those who are already on council title when paying for a ministry title?

No, there is no discount because you will pay for a new Certificate of Title.

Why can't one get a title if they own a property yet are below the age of 21?

It's by law that only land owners who are eligible to appear on Certificate of Title must be above 21 years of age.

Why doesn't your system provide for holding in trust for minors during the capturing phase?

It's by law that only land owners who are eligible to appear on the Certificate of Title must be above 21 years of age. However,  landowners can visit any ministry of lands facility to access such services upon request.

Can I still be captured for the title if I am outside the demarcation area, yet willing to pay?

No, we can't capture unless the area is approved by the Council.

Why are additions, removals, corrections taking so long?

We are improving the system, soon everything will be done fast.

Why can't we change ownership at the offer letter stage?

We can change, that is where we encourage landowners to visit MLG if there is a mistake on their offer letter to change details. We strongly encourage owners to participate at verification stages of the titling process to ensure correctness of their receiving documents.

Why do we have limited payment platforms?

 We are working on the system so that landowners can pay using different payment methods such as Airtel, MTN, and Zanaco mobile money platforms.


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